Company Introduction

Beijing shenzhou Anfu company (Referred to as the shenzhou anfu)is a professional in security SOC chips and modules,security terminal product design,development and sales of high-tech enterprises.At present,it has passed the national high-tech enterprise certificationUnionpay card acceptance terminal product enterprise certification ,software enterprise certificationIS9001:2015 quality management system certificationand it's the designated production unit and sales license unit of commercial password products approved by the state password administration.


The company has long been focusing on basic research and development in the field of securitybased on 32bit embedded high-performance CPU SOC chip design platform developmentas well as information securitymobile payment and other SOC chip products and application program designproductionsales and service and other industrialization promotion workthe products are widely used in the intelligent terminalsecurity protection productssmart homesmart lockfinancial paymentspecial information encryption products and other information security fields.


Shenzhou Anfu has obtained 14 independent intellectual property rights, including 2 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 4 appearance patents and 9 software copyrights. In product research and development, the company has always adhered to the road of independent research and development. Every year, the company invests a large amount of money in product research and design, realizes the serial production of AX200 chip products, and on this basis, has launched a number of industry security solutions. With leading technology, scientific decision-making and standardized management, it has developed into a well-known enterprise in the field of security encryption, and has become an independent security chip and module supplier and intelligent security terminal supplier in the fields of security, banking and finance, e-government and convenience services at home and abroad.

The Development Direction

With the arrival of " Internet plus ", " Internet of things " and" intelligent manufacturing 2025 ", information technology has brought new opportunities to the financial payment industry. Faced with the new challenge of information security, the shenzhou anfu has always been adhering to the "continuous improvement, continuous innovation" spirit of enterprise, seeks the development to change constantly, layout chip industry as the core, for the Internet of things and the direction of information security encryption, around the independent air door chip and module, intelligent terminal security areas, providing IC chip products and solutions

Honor of Qualification
Enterprise Culture

Since its establishment, the company has been rapidly expanding its scale and improving its operation and management. At present, it has entered a stage of rapid development. Established the perfect r&d system, marketing system, the production operation system and pre-sales, after-sales service system, and gradually formed a set of standardized modern enterprise management system, and the enterprise values and business philosophy gradually passed to the staff, so as to create a good team with high cohesion and loyalty.


Cultivate talents with good humanistic and scientific quality and social responsibility, solid discipline foundation, self-learning ability, innovative spirit and innovative ability. The specific requirements of personnel training vary from industry to industry, but the overall goal is to achieve all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique. For enterprises, personnel training is multi-level, including senior management personnel training function management personnel training and grassroots management personnel training and so on.


The company's strategic personnel training system consists of four parts: "Foal eagle Program", "Flying Eagle Program", "Strong Eagle Program" and "Leader Eagle Program". Through these four plans, the training object will gradually become the key post successor and company reserve talents.


The "Foal Eagle Program" aims at cultivating the newly admitted college students who are self-motivated, willing to learn and aggressive, so that they can gradually become the technical backbone and business backbone of the department.


The "Flying Eagle Program" aims to gradually grow into the head of each functional department through the training of ordinary employees with more than two years' working experience and potential for further training.


The "Strong Eagle Program" aims to train middle-level managerial cadres who have potential for further training in the company so that they can gradually grow into talents who can play an independent role in the company and reserve talents for posts at the level of vice president and director of the company.


The "Leader Eagle Program" aims to prepare the company for future strategic expansion by training existing senior managers and technical leaders to gradually grow into full-fledged talents.