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Shenzhou anfu Warranty Policy

Terms of service

POS production; Machine warranty for one year(The battery and charger are guaranteed for three months)

mobile payment product; Machine warranty for one year(The battery and charger are guaranteed for three months)

Micro-payment product; Machine warranty for one year(The battery and charger are guaranteed for three months)

MPOS product;Machine warranty for one year

After the warranty period, the company will provide paid maintenance service

Guaranteed all

Unless the customer has another contract for the above warranty period


Warranty and warranty period

1.The valid warranty certificate of the product includes:

Product warranty manual

Valid purchase invoice of the machine(Valid purchase invoice refers to the formal commercial sales invoice with the seal of the tax bureau)

2.There are two ways to calculate the warranty period:

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase--When the customer simultaneously provides the product warranty book and the machine valid purchase chestnut as the warranty certificate, the product warranty period invoice (purchase invoice) date is calculated

The warranty period of the products shall be one month from the date when the products leave the factorywhich shall be subject to the date provided by the company


Product warranty service instructions

In the period of validity of the three guarantees of products, the failure of using the products under normal conditions can be repaired, replaced and returned according to the three guarantees of countryWithin the warranty period, you can enjoy free maintenance service in our customer service center according to the terms of this warranty card

During the warranty period, in case of failure of the product under normal conditions, please send the machine together with the valid warranty certificate to the nearest customer service center of our company to enjoy the warranty service provided by our customer service center

If you have product problems and need to consult, please call the national unified customer service center at 400-6838-160

The following situations do not belong to the scope of three guarantees and warranty. The customer service center will provide paid maintenance services. For specific charging standards of paid services, please consult the local customer service center

Failure to produce or produce warranty documents inconsistent with the product or false records

The warranty period for products or parts thereof has expired

Malfunctions caused by abnormal voltage conditions

Malfunctions caused by incorrect operation such as electrical hot plugging

The fault caused by the buyer in the process of transportation and unloading

Failure to disassemble, repair, or refit a product without manufacturer's authorization

Failure to follow the instructions and precautions in the operation manual

Failure caused by force majeure such as natural disaster (such as earthquake, fire, lightning strike, etc.)

Failure consumables loss due to use of non-approved consumables (e.g. ribbon box, ribbon core, etc.)

Repair equipment under any of the following circumstances is not included in the company's warranty

Equipment failure caused by the destruction of the underlying firmware, including (but not limited to) hardware failure

the device is customized by abnormal authorization, including

Security file does not match custom device

The security profile is not recognized and the sender cannot provide authorization for the security profile

there are other situations that do not meet the requirements of the company's equipment software and safety document installation procedures

Dismantling transformation altered equipment prohibited without authorization, any unauthorized dismantling transformation circuit and components of equipment structure alteration or add behavior of other devices are not in the company warranty of our company is not the reason lead to the adverse consequences of any responsibility, thus lead to the loss of the company, the company reserves the right to  prosecute

if you are not satisfied with our service quality, please call the service quality complaint hotline :010-61705968, we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible